By God's will
On the October 12, I would like to congratulate and greet the establishment of "Aghigh Tile Factory Company" to this great family.
Undoubtedly, "Aghigh" by having development capitals, especially benefiting from advanced and skilled human forces, can have an active presence in the national and international arenas for the continuation and perfection of its capabilities.
On the eve of the 24 year of the establishment of the company, it is necessary for me to express my gratitude and gratitude to all respected colleagues; I wish you happiness, well-being and health from the Almighty God. I hope that we will be successful in achieving the high goals of the tile and ceramic industry community of our dear country with double efforts and with empathy and consensus, while realizing the vision of the company. It is hoped that Aghigh Tile Factory Company will celebrate its century by the next generations and move forward determinedly as in the past.
Naturally, achieving these goals requires providing the necessary mechanisms such as increasing capabilities, compliance with global standards and optimal use of advanced technologies, and most importantly, committed, smart and up-to-date management practices.
May we create brilliant times for the precious name of the country, like the history of the gem of the country, for the Aghigh Tile.

October 12, 2022
Ali Sharif Fard
CEO of Aghigh Tile Factories

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