In the name of God, the Entrepreneur

God is the true provider
God who is forgiving and guiding
"The heart of a worker is familiar with his love."

God is the provider of sustenance, the leaven of human development and the source of the development and transformation of societies, and surely the workers are the pioneers of this innovative and joyful life.
The place of work in the religion of Islam is such that the prophet of mercy and kindness kisses the hands of a worker and says: This is a hand that the fire of hell will not burn.
Workers are the driving force of the country's economy, who move the wheel of life in any society with their powerful arms.
Commemorating the International Worker's Day is a great opportunity to honor the honest and clean efforts of honorable and hardworking workers.
We thank God Almighty that a group of strong-willed, moral and hard-working men and women have gathered in Aghigh Tile Factory to work day and night for the love and growth of the great family of Iran on earth, with steely will and double dedication. At this point of vast Iran, the path of production and sustainable development of the country should be smoother.
Therefore, while thanking them for their tireless efforts, I shake the hands of each of my esteemed colleagues and hope that in the new year, in the light of companionship and empathy, we will see the growth and development of Great Aghigh Tile Factory.


Ali Sharif Fard
CEO of Aghigh Tile Factories

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